What is Grassrootbeer Investigations??

Hi there. I’m Connor Gibson, an opposition researcher focused on how corporations influence politics, with particular focus on energy and environmental issues.

You can learn more about me in the first post.

Grassrootbeer Investigations is all free, and that probably won’t change.

I’m not committing to any set publishing schedule.

I won’t feign expertise in things I don’t understand. I’ll publish selective content worth reading, whether it’s bona-fide news, or a fresh analysis that comes from long-lost material.

Check my references and my assumptions with healthy skepticism.

Send me any corrections, and I’ll own any mistakes in a transparent way.

Now, sign up and spread the word! Please. Thanks!

And please, tell your friends! I’m very open to collaboration.

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Opposition researcher with an interest in the people and networks undermining our ecosystems, global climate, public health, justice, and equity.